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The all in one platform to attract, engage & retain international students.


The future of student engagement is here today.

The only H.E tool combining the Net Promoter System, sentiment analysis and next-generation A.I Natural language processing.

Solutions for a changing world

Global Young Minds software puts you in control of the moments that matter with A.I enabled technology.

With an ever-growing number of digital touchpoints, ensuring not only compliance but customer delight is a challenge.


Gen Z prefers omnichannel branded experiences.


Of Gen Z finds online ads disruptive.


Say they follow an influencer on social media.


Control the moments that matter

The Global Young Minds suite of tools places you in control of the moments that matter throughout your student's life cycle enabling listening, harvesting, co-creating and sharing of impactful advocacy across channels and markets.

Take control of the entire student lifecycle, monitor brand sentiment and create content relevant to your markets.


Net promoter score / Social + brand monitoring

Find out what people are saying about your University completely agnostic of the channel or language.


Harvest / Plan / Publish + Analyse content

Pull content relevant to your audiences from anywhere, plan and release then analyse the impact.


Influencers / Advocates / Referrers

Share content with influencers, advocates and referrers for maximum impact and reach.


Seamlessly integrate your existing channels, tools and platforms

Place your students at the heart of your institution’s marketing and take your engagement to a whole new level.


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