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Digital acceleration for international higher education

Student engagement reinvented

International student recruitment has changed forever, and universities must be ready to adapt and accelerate their digital capabilities, to connect with students at a different level. Global Young Minds is supporting ambitious HE institutions with international marketing and recruitment expertise, and game-changing technology, to transform every stage in the student journey.



Digital transformation is here, but do you have the right tools to embrace it?

Global Young Minds’ AI powered solutions are created by the HE sector, for the HE sector. We create digital acceleration capabilities for universities that are looking to connect with students from all around the world.

Technology built with your input, and developed by our team of international higher education experts. Our tools have been tested and approved by those that use them every day to make their jobs easier.

Strategic Support

Our team can superpower your international student recruitment. For twenty years we have been working with universities and higher education institutions to reach students in every country around the world through the power of digital. We are experts in connecting the graduates of tomorrow with their perfect study destination, and we have witnessed the changing digital behaviours of Gen Z students.

Is your institution equipped to meet students where they’re at online?

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Join our early access programme...

…and be a part of shaping the future of student engagement. We’re inviting ambitious and innovative HE institutions to join us on the quest, and become leaders in the digital student recruitment space. Spots on the early access programme are limited, so that we can work as closely as possible with our early adopters.