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Digital engagement

The pandemic has changed our digital engagement behaviour…forever

Aren’t humans amazing? Just when we think we’re not resilient, a pandemic strikes, and eighteen months later the digital engagement landscape is permanently transformed. Gen Z customers, of course, have […]

Student influencers

Influencer Marketing: How To Find Your Advocates…And Your Detractors

Influencer marketing remains a buzz phrase in 2021. In fact, it’s unlikely that it’s going anywhere soon. What are the most influential factors for Gen Z when it comes to […]

Are you ready for the DSA?

DSA: What does the 2022 Digital Services Act mean for you?

From 2022 online marketplaces, networking apps and digital communities will have to comply with a new Digital Services Act (DSA). The law will cover the EU, and therefore impact any […]

Why are emojis engaging?

Why Do Emojis Increase Engagement?

Engaging with student customers in 2021 requires a digital language all of its own, even when dealing with a domestic audience. For institutions looking to engage international students there’s the […]

Digital student recruitment

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